If you are one of the many companies using Software Asset Management tools (SAM) to keep track of your digital assets, you probably have gone through a software vendor audit. In fact, that’s most likely the reason why your company bought a SAM tool in the first place. You were going along fine thinking you were managing your compliance well, then you were audited by a vendor, and then you were hit with a huge fine! One of your executives declared “this can’t happen again!”. Next stop, SAM Tool shopping! Now that you’re using a SAM tool to manage your Oracle licenses, how do you know if it’s really working?

Take a chance! Bet on your SAM tool

There are really only two ways to know if your tool is working correctly. The first method we call “Roll The Dice”. As its name suggests, Roll The Dice is risky, but companies do it all the time. Using this method, a company buys their SAM tool, implements it, and waits to be audited by Oracle. Once audited, you will Roll The Dice and quickly learn if your SAM tool works or not. If Oracle comes back with a big non-compliance finding, then you know your SAM tool didn’t work for you. If the audit is clean, then you know it works. The benefit to Rolling The Dice is that it requires no additional commitment on your part. You keep going as if everything is working as it should. The downside to Rolling the Dice is that you could easily be hit with a multi-million dollar Oracle audit penalty. And yes, companies that use SAM tools are found out of compliance by Oracle all the time.

… Or get the truth

The other way to see if your SAM tool works is called “Let Palisade Check”. As its name implies, this is where companies bring in Palisade Compliance to audit the audit software and make sure it works. In this method, the Palisade experts will conduct an audit of your Oracle software usage. We then compare the Palisade results with the SAM tool results. If they match, great! Your SAM tool works. If they don’t match, then we have to do a deeper dive on why they don’t match. Ultimately Palisade shares how we came up with our findings, so our clients can “see the math” and not just the “answer”. Because Palisade’s methods are open, our clients are free to question our results as well. We don’t want to assume Palisade is right and the SAM tool is wrong. We actually prove Palisade is right and the SAM tool is wrong. Using this process, we uncover the realities in the SAM tool output so the client can move forward with eyes wide open. When companies bring in Palisade Compliance to review their SAM tool efficacy, it’s not about ripping and replacing the SAM tool with Palisade services. Rather, the goal is to actually get that SAM tool working in an effective manner that protects you from Oracle while enabling you to rely on the information coming out of those SAM tools so you can make the best decisions for your company or agency. What do you think is best for your company? Roll The Dice or Let Palisade Check?