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The other day I was busy working at my desk when my phone rang.  I looked at the caller ID and did not recognize the number.  I still picked up the phone because it could be a client with an Oracle emergency.  The Palisade phone number has become like the bat phone for Oracle emergencies and we have to be ready to jump into action.

Well, this time it was not a client on the phone.  It was one of our vendors.  This particular vendor helps us with some of our online services.   After the woman introduced herself she said “I’ve been reviewing your account and I have a few things I want to go over with you.”

Now I’m not ready for the sales pitch.  She’s about to tell me they have a brand-new service and she wants me to be aware of all the details.  Or she’s going to go the other way and scare me into thinking our services are not secure without the latest and greatest anti-whatever threat detection thingy.   Regardless of what she’s going to tell me, I JUST KNOW it’s going to cost me thousands of dollars.  Why did I pick up the phone??

Here I go, “okay, how can I help you?”

She starts, “Like I said, I’ve been reviewing your account and I notice you are not taking advantage of all the services offered in your plan.  I recommend you downgrade from the level 4 plan to the level 3 plan on the next renewal.”  She surprised me with this and I wasn’t sure where she was going, so I just said, “Okay.”  Sensing my hesitation she jumped right back in, “downgrading your service will save you $3,000 a year.”  Being from NJ and dealing with Oracle problems all day I responded without missing a beat, “What’s the catch?”

This is where she blindsided me.  She said, “There is no catch.  We just want our clients to pay for what they use and be satisfied with the services we provide.  If you’re paying for things you don’t use you’ll eventually be unhappy and we don’t want that to happen.” Wow.  I was shocked.  What an absolutely brilliant way to run a business!! Focus on the client.

I just couldn’t believe a vendor would proactively reach out to me to lower our bill.   This whole experience got me thinking to Oracle.  What if Oracle actually had this type of conversation with their customers?

I’m not talking about the fake offers of taking support dollars and moving to cloud.  What if Oracle phoned their customers like this:

Oracle: “Hi, I’m from Oracle and I want to help you lower your Oracle bill.  I’ve seen you haven’t logged a support ticket on certain products or downloaded any patches or updates in two years.  Are you still using those products?

Client: “No we are not.  We moved to another provider for that functionality.”

Oracle: “I’m sorry to hear that.  I’m going to terminate the support on those products without repricing everything on that contract.  This will lower your bill by $3,500,000.    You bought the licenses, so you can keep them.  If you ever need support please call us and we will start billing you again at that time.  Is there anything I can do for you?”

Client:  “Thanks Oracle. You’re a great partner, let me ask you about [insert name of oracle offering]……”

That’s the type of conversation Oracle customers are desperately searching for.  I think Oracle pretends to have this conversation.  Inevitably those conversations lead to Oracle proposals that increase the Oracle bill and does not lower it.

If Oracle ever decided to proactively reach out to their clients and lower their bills that would most certainly make news and I’d be the first person to talk about it.  There is nothing more I would like than to sit down with our clients and work with Oracle on lowering a client’s annual Oracle spend.

However, until Oracle completely changes their approach from the current lock-in and coercive approach to one based on fairness and freedom, it will be up to Oracle customers to take charge of their Oracle spend and figure out a way to lower their Oracle bill.  Fortunately, Oracle customers are not on their own.   Palisade Compliance has a proprietary Oracle cost reduction service where we analyze all your Oracle spend and not only tell you how to reduce your Oracle bill, but we stay with you and actually help you do it!

With a staff that has over 175 years of Oracle experience, 100% independence from Oracle, and 300 clients all over the world, no one is in a better position to help you take back control from Oracle than Palisade Compliance.

Oh, and about our vendor for online services…..we’ll be looking to them in the coming months as we roll out new services.  They’ve got a happy customer for life in Palisade.

Do you think Oracle will listen to our advice?

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