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Beware of Free Oracle ServicesLast year there was a dust up in the tech world when Tim Cook said that if a company is giving you something for free then you are the product and not the customer. He was referring to Google and Facebook, and all the other online services that are free. We all know you pay a price with your privacy. Some are willing to pay that price and some others are not. I’m not here to argue one side or the other (I’ll be happy to do that in person, maybe with a beer in hand.) I do, however, think the same applies when you are getting help on your Oracle licensing and contracting.

There are many companies who offer “free” Oracle license services. I hear “health checks”, “right sizing”, “negotiation support”, etc etc. Now I run a business and I know that whenever we do something there is a cost in time, labor, and materials. How can these companies incur these costs and still do things for “free”? The answer is obvious…there is no such thing as free.

Companies that offer free Oracle licensing services (Oracle LMS included) are not doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. And there are good hearts over there. No, they are doing it because they make more money when you buy more licenses. Oracle LMS wants to help you because they think they can find compliance issues. Oracle resellers want to help you because they want to sell you more licenses. System integrators want to sell you more system integration-y stuff. We’ve also seen another competitor pop up. We call them the “Stealth Reseller”. They are not a reseller but they always recommend you buy through a reseller. Why do you think that is? You think there may be a monetary gain there?

The best advice you can get is when you talk to someone with deep Oracle knowledge who only gets paid by giving you the best advice and guidance so you can make the best decisions for your business. There are tons of people who will help you spend lots of money with Oracle. How many companies are true Oracle experts with no incentive to get you to buy more Oracle? I know one company: Palisade Compliance. Contact us before you learn the hard way that nothing about an “free” Oracle license service is free.

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