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Feeding the Oracle beastWe are often asked how Oracle clients can form a better relationship with their Oracle sales rep. That is not an easy question, considering the prime goal of Oracle is to make their quota, which requires significant sales of Oracle licenses and cloud, even at the expense of threatening their clients.

Keeping your Oracle sales rep happy reminds me of the “ Little Shop of Horrors” movie/play. Oracle is represented as the strange and aggressive plant which as long as it is “fed” often and increasingly more, it will stay relatively friendly. The client “feeds” Oracle more in the form of purchase orders. And the amount is always expected to grow and not be reduced. If the “plant” is not given this continuous  “nutrition” it has been known to respond in unpleasant ways. It may come in the form of aggressive sales behavior, annoying constant requests for time, meetings, etc. It may also come in the form of “soft audits” or threats of audits and ultimately if not fed enough, it will resort to an actual license audit, which it hopes will generate said sales quota mentioned above.

Now to be fair, I’m sure there are some sales professionals within Oracle that take a long-term strategic partnership relationship with their clients, or at least would like to. However, their compensation model is such that the behavior they exhibit is directly related to their goals and not in the best interest of the client.

All this being said, if continuing to increase the feeding/spending with Oracle is not your idea of a business valuable strategy, it might be time to look for a better way to manage your Oracle relationship. Palisade is 100% independent from Oracle and strives to achieve outcomes in favor of the client. Contact us if you would like to know more about negotiating with Oracle or reducing your risk of an Oracle audit (and/or threats from the “aggressive plant”).

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