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EMEA Oracle Licence Management Services

Palisade Compliance EMEA is the industry leading provider of independent Oracle software licencing, contracting, and compliance advisory services. We enable our clients in Europe to:

  • Spend less on Oracle through immediate and strategic cost optimization planning
  • Ensure that they remain in compliance with complex and confusing license agreements
  • Take back control of their Oracle relationship

Palisade holds a unique position in the technical and licensing advisory services market because of our:

  • Independence
  • 100% Oracle focus
  • Over 180 years of combined specific Oracle expertise and experience
  • Our staff are former Oracle, but we are not affiliated with Oracle in any way
  • We work only for our clients, not on behalf of Oracle
  • We do not sell software, so our motivation is to identify and solve problems

Our Services

Audit Intervention
Customers under threat of an Oracle audit need independent, experienced advisors with the organizational flexibility to gather necessary data, advise on the audit negotiation, and deliver best practices in resolving compliance issues.

  • Dramatic improvement in audit outcomes by enabling client to negotiate the audit terms & scope, challenge Oracles methodology and negotiate the outcome based on solid facts
  • Strategic advice & tactical support during Oracle audit
  • Expertise to challenge audit scope, methods & results
  • Avoid massive unbudgeted expenses

ULA Optimisation
ULA customers must count their deployment at end of term – a ‘renewal’ is not an ideal outcome – this service delivers management during the ULA plus effective certification, clients save millions on license/support fees during and after the ULA.

  • Manage in-place ULAs to maximize deployment, radically increasing the effective discount while minimizing real support costs during and after the ULA term
  • Lock-in ULA savings & maximize certification claims
  • Identify and mitigate non-compliance
  • Avoid costly renewals or extensions

Compliance Assurance
All Oracle customers need to save money while reducing their risk of an expensive audit; by optimizing licenses and identifying compliance risks for proactive mitigation, Palisade delivers immediate risk reduction and a savings strategy.

  • Review of Oracle contracts plus proactive count of utilisation
  • Where no audit is underway and no ULA present
  • Compliance gap analysis, savings strategies and risk mitigation

Strategic Advisory Services
We provide Clients general education and advise for executives and managers, supporting their interactions with Oracle and helping them to identify potential areas for cost optimisation and risk reduction.

  • Advising on options for reducing expenditure on Oracle support without violating license agreements or Oracle policies
  • Reviewing new hardware/software/third-party purchases, and the potential impact on existing licenses
  • Briefing a new CFO and CIO on Oracle, how it works, and their Oracle investment
  • Answering tactical questions on how deploying an option in a virtualized environment could create licensing implications
  • Strategic advise and negotiation support on new licence purchases or cloud deployments
  • Executive briefings on licence impacts of hardware refreshes, mergers and acquisitions, etc.

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