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Happy Belated Oracle New Year! Like every Oracle new year before, this year will be both familiar and surprising. You have sales teams vying for your attention, auditors knocking on your door, licenses to manage, and costs to control - all while you are actually trying to run your business.

At Palisade Compliance, we expect more of the same from Oracle this year. Despite their new announcement with Microsoft (see our take!), this is not the year of the Kinder and Gentler Oracle. In fact, we've already seen Oracle raise support costs by up to 8%. If Oracle sales is not currently knocking on your front door, or the LMS audit team isn't trying to get through the back door, it's only a matter of time.

To help you prepare, we have some tips on managing your Oracle sales relationships and LMS audits. We also have whitepapers on Java, Universal Cloud Credits, and more.

Take control of Oracle before Oracle takes control of you!

Craig Guarente
CEO of Palisade Compliance


It's Q1 for Oracle. What is your sales team up to?


Now that Oracle is in its new fiscal year, your sales team is planning a strategy to maximize the revenue they can get from your company. They have a 4-quarter plan that starts about now and goes through to 31 May, 2023. I'm sure sometimes you have been frustrated by the behavior of your Oracle sales team: too aggressive, maybe pushy at times, inflexible, etc. However, understand that they are motivated by aggressive revenue goals that at times get under your skin. Each sales rep has a goal for each account they have, and they work out a plan to attain that goal.  Read more >


This one thing could be the difference between a clean audit and a big Oracle bill.

Tell me if you've seen or heard this before.  Oracle sends out an audit notification letter and 1. doesn't define the scope of the audit or 2. proceeds to define the scope as "All Oracle Products". One look at Oracle's list of products and you're likely to find more than 700+ products. As we know, Oracle is always looking to make their next acquisition and this list is only likely to go up over time. So, does this mean that Oracle is going to audit all 700+ products? Read more>



Oracle Fiscal Year

Don't let the Oracle fiscal year dictate how your company operates. We've created an infographic that will allow you to be more proactive with your Oracle relationship on a month-by-month basis.

Download infographic >


Oracle has changed the rules around licensing Java. What was free is now paid. This whitepaper will show you how you can fix your Oracle Java licensing problem without giving Oracle more money.

Download whitepaper >

Universal Cloud Credits

The introduction of Universal Cloud Credits (UCC) was a promise that they would make buying Oracle Cloud easier and less expensive. This isn't the case. In this whitepaper we cover what the UCC program is and how it works.

Download whitepaper >

ULA Instruction Manual

This ULA instruction manual was designed to give you the information on how to get the most from your Oracle ULA and exit it on your terms.

Download whitepaper >


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