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As we begin 2021 it’s important to note that Oracle is already 7 months into their FY 2021. May 31 is looming for Oracle and this is an important end of year to show the pandemic is behind their business and their cloud revenue is growing. One way Oracle will get their revenue is by auditing their customers and their partners. Great business practice, right? We already have indications that the Oracle audit activity which slowed significantly in 2020 is picking up again in 2021. Requests for Palisade to defend companies in audits is up across the board. In fact, we’ve also witnessed a rise in companies looking for us to help with their Java licensing. On that front Oracle is continuing their “unofficial official” Java audit practice. Their goal is simple. Get you worried about a big issue and then have you sign a Java ULA.

In this newsletter we’ve curated several articles and notes to help you through your audit challenges. In addition, beginning in February, we are offering our “How to Manage an Oracle Audit” training free through our Paliversity website. Simply send a note to us at indicating you want access to this class and we will provide it to you free of charge. We trust these materials will help you identify Oracle audits and plan your defense to avoid costly mistakes. As always, should you need our support, Palisade Compliance is here and ready to help.

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Craig Guarente, CEO

Palisade Compliance

Oracle Partner Audits – Avoid at All Costs!

Oracle Partner Audits – Avoid at All Costs!

Working with an Oracle partner on a license compliance issue is literally the worst thing you can do. I know that title sounds provocative and exaggerated, but that’s the truth. In fact, going to an Oracle partner for help with your audit is actually worse than trusting Oracle for help. And trusting Oracle compliance usually does not end well for you. There are a few reasons why Oracle’s partners are actually worse than Oracle directly. I’ve put my thoughts in this blog and what you can do if you find yourself working with an Oracle partner.  Read More >>

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Case Study: Oracle Implements, Oracle Audits

Case Study: Oracle Implements, Oracle Audits

A multinational financial organization that handles the back-office support for credit unions and banks across nation had recently implemented Oracle software to replace an outdated legacy system. 


The firm took Oracle’s guidance on the type and number of licenses needed to operate implementation. But shortly after implementation, the organization received a notice that Oracle was auditing them.

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How to Defend Yourself in an Oracle Audit

Whitepaper: How to Defend Yourself in an Oracle Audit (2020)

While Palisade Compliance is the leading provider of independent Oracle audit defense services, we understand that some companies are able to defend themselves from Oracle without the need to hire us.

We’ve created this guide, How to Defend Yourself in an Oracle Audit that you can use if you are trying to go at an audit alone. In this guide, we outline the two main goals you should have when defending yourself.

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