Palisade Newsletter: Preparing for Oracle's Quarterly Push

September is here and that means we are through Oracle’s first quarter.  Oracle Q1 is always an interesting time.  Traditionally it’s Oracle’s slowest period.  You’ll see that when they announce earnings in a couple of weeks.  On the flip side, June – August is bustling with activity for clients trying to certify their ULAs.  It’s also a time when Oracle really starts pushing clients in the audit process.  Everything for Oracle is geared to generating revenue by the end of May.  As a result, Oracle LMS and Sales have to start early if they are going to hit their mark.
The best thing any Oracle customer can do now is arm themselves with information to help prepare for the inevitable Oracle push.  To help in this education effort, I’m proud to announce that Palisade has released our first eBook detailing
5 strategies CIOs and other executives can employ to successfully deal with Oracle.   We put a lot of effort into this overview and I’m sure you will find it helpful.  Once you’ve had a chance to read it,  send me a note to let us know what you think.  In addition to the eBook there is information below on how Oracle uses the RFP process, how LMS is changing their audit practices, and how Oracle views customer engagements.  Read the last article and follow the links to Oracle’s post.  It’s amazingly ironic.
This year September also brings Oracle OpenWorld.  Once again, Palisade Compliance will be in San Francisco hosting clients and prospective clients at our
Cappuccino and Compliance sessions.   Details are below if you want to schedule a session to discuss your Oracle licensing, contracting, compliance, or cloud issues.
In addition to everything below, we have a couple of fantastic announcements coming up in the next two months.  Stay tuned for details and watch this space!
Craig Guarente, CEO


Say “Oracle” and “budget” in the same sentence, and most CIOs start to sweat. While software plays a critical role in business operations, Oracle’s software and services are extremely expensive and are usually the number one or two item in IT’s budget. Download our new eBook on 5 Strategies for CIOs Facing Oracle.


New From Our Blog

The Perils of an RFP for Purchasing More Oracle

There are dangers in the RFP process when procuring Oracle software or professional services related to Oracle licensing. We have seen a number of cases where admissions made by the procurement or technical team of a customer during the RFP process (either in the RFP itself or in the Q&A that follows) provided a roadmap to potential compliance issues.

Are Oracle LMS Audits Getting Tougher?

At Palisade, we help clients who are being audited by Oracle, and we’ve noticed a troubling trend. Historically, Oracle, like many software vendors, issued a preliminary audit report before issuing the “final report.”  It was a critical step because Oracle licensing is rarely black and white, and it allowed both parties to reach a shared understanding of their unique environment.

laughing at oracle

No Joke: Oracle Gives Advice on How not to Alienate Customers

Have you ever found an article online and started reading thinking it was a joke, but then half way through you realize that the author is being serious? You start out laughing at the absurdity, and a minute later you are shaking your head thinking: Is this for real? Read about the irony in Oracle's blog “How Not To Alienate Your Customers”.

Upcoming Events

September 19-20: Cappuccino and Compliance at Oracle OpenWorld - have a 1-on-1 meeting with CEO Craig Guarente and VP & Chief Client Officer Dan DeVenio during OpenWorld in San Francisco, CA. Click here to schedule a meeting.

September 29: Executive Golf Event - avoid the traps and drive for more green at our first annual golf tournament in Monroe Township, NJ. Executives can register here.

October 10-11: Postgres Visions Conference - CEO Craig Guarente will be speaking at the Postgres Visions Conference in San Francisco, CA. View the schedule.

October 16-20: Gartner Symposium/ITxpo - Look for the Palisade booth during the Gartner conference in Orlando, FL.

October 24-27: Gartner Symposium/ITxpo - Yup, we'll be down under at the Gartner conference in Gold Coast, Australia.