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This quarter is a little special for me, personally.  It is my 100th quarter in the Oracle ecosystem dealing with Oracle contracts and licensing. 100!  So much has changed with Oracle over the last 100 quarters, yet so much is the same. When I started with Oracle it was all about database and network computing. Now it’s all about database and cloud computing. So different, yet exactly the same. In 1995 there was a 6-page Oracle price list, now there are hundreds of pages of pricing across multiple different lists. All available online, unless they are not. Very Oracle. 

The biggest change with Oracle is clearly the increased complexity and rising risks dealing with them.  As they have grown, mostly by acquisition, they have added endless layers of complexity, rules, policies, contracts, audits, and sales teams to their portfolio.  Any one of these “gotchas” can trap you into a never-ending cycle of non-compliance and increased Oracle costs. Now more than ever it is important to be in control of anything that is associated with Oracle. 

When I started Palisade Compliance in 2011, I really thought I would be a one-person show helping clients along the way.  I quickly realized, on the very first engagement with a client, that I needed a team of people with me. I could not do this alone, despite (at the time) having 16 years’ experience and literally running Oracle’s contracts and business practices teams. This newsletter is a reflection of that team and the expertise they bring to our clients every day. A few years ago I wrote every article. Now I write the introduction! 

As we move closer to my personal 25 year “Oracleversary” I want to thank all of our clients, every company we’ve talked to, all the “Friends of Palisade”, and every member of the Palisade team for all the support you’ve given over the years to make this possible.  We’ve created quite a force to help companies take control from Oracle and we’ve only just begun!

Here’s to the next 100 quarters!!!

Craig Guarente, CEO

Palisade Compliance

Software Asset Management Tools and Oracle Compliance

We are seeing an increase in the adoption of Software Asset Management (SAM) tools by businesses worldwide. Many companies are under the impression that the reports generated by SAM tool(s) can be used to determine their software compliance position. This may be true for non-Oracle software but is rarely the case for Oracle programs.  Oracle has a complex licensing model that is not well defined along with many of their products containing multiple programs including restricted use licenses in some cases. Determining whether Oracle program usage is within one’s license entitlements is difficult at best. Read more >>

SAM tools

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