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Oracle is like a box of chocolates

Oracle is like a box of chocolates


Assorted chocolates can be mysterious - you never quite know what you're about to bite into. We tend to think of Oracle the same way - you're never quite sure what type of licensing uncertainty or risk you're up against. We hope to solve that problem for you!

Oracle has made a billion dollar business from auditing their client base and extracting more and more revenue. These audits are time consuming, expensive, and can lock you into a path with Oracle that you do not want to be on. Plenty of companies have bought Oracle cloud, with no intention of using it, just to get out of an Oracle audit.
To help companies with their Oracle audit worries, Palisade Compliance has created our Audit Protection Plan. It’s a subscription with Palisade that protects you in case of an Oracle Audit. 

Here’s how the plan works: if you get audited during the term of the agreement, then Palisade will represent you at no additional cost. It’s as easy as that. No more worrying about how to deal with Oracle audits or finding someone to help you when you get the letter. Palisade’s leading team of expert advisors will be with you every step of the way so you can keep your money and your freedom.
The cost is low and predictable.  You can learn more about our Audit Protection Plan here.

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Craig Guarente, CEO
Palisade Compliance

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