Do you remember Ed Koch?  He was the mayor of New York City from 1978-1989.  Growing up right outside NY he was all over the news.  I even met him at a St. Paddy’s day parade.  One of his more famous lines was “how’m I doin?”  He would ask this at press conferences, campaigning, or just greeting people on the street.  It was direct, folksy, and believe me, people told him exactly what they thought of his performance.  Fast forward a few years and that simple phrase always stuck with me.  It’s a philosophy we have taken to heart at Palisade Compliance.  We are always soliciting the feedback of our clients.  We are ridiculously focused on producing better services and helping our clients achieve better results.

So,  how are we doing?  Here is some feedback from our customers. I’ll just give you the facts and you can make your own assessment.

After Working with Palisade are you more in control of your Oracle relationship or less in control?

  • More in control – 90%
  • The same – 10%
  • Less in control – 0%

Would you work with Palisade Again?

  • Yes – 95%
  • Maybe 5%
  • No – 0%

On a scale of 1-5 (five being the highest) please rate the following.

  • Knowledge of Oracle products and license policies – 4.84
  • Ease of working with Palisade  – 4.95

Customer Quotes:

“Our engagement with Palisade was outstanding. One of the easiest and efficient engagements that I’ve had in many years. Looking forward to doing more business with you and your team.”


“Uber-knowledgeable and able to dig into the minutia of Oracle contracts and advise in a very clear fashion. Also, very responsive.”

“Team was excellent.”


“Great knowledge and advice”

“We received excellent advise [sic] concerning our systems and the licenses we needed to purchase.”


“Very responsive and very knowledgeable.   [Palisade] provided alternative ways to approach given scenarios and challenged us to think about plans.

“Very knowledgeable with Oracle matters and was extremely helpful in preparing responses and rebuttals. I learned quite a bit”