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Best Practices When Negotiating With Oracle

The first thing to understand when negotiating with Oracle is that there are best practices on how to get the best deal that works for your business.   This is true whether you are working through a new license agreement, or you are in the midst of a ULA, or even if...

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Are Contracts Professionals Anti Social?

Social media has transformed how we absorb information and how we relay information.    Forget your morning newspaper, 11 o’clock evening news program, and even your  24 hour cable news channel.  They are almost obsolete when it comes to breaking news.   World events...

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Join Craig Guarente and Eric Guyer as they discuss the new ULA Optimization Lifecycle Management Services for Oracle.    Learn how Palisade Compliance can help your organization whether you are thinking about signing a ULA, in the middle of an existing ULA term, or at...

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