2017 is turning into another exciting year for APAC! Our business has grown helping clients mainly in ANZ (Australia & New Zealand) to assisting clients across the wider Asia region. As always, our focus is on ensuring our clients are in control of their Oracle relationship.

Our client base now covers both public and private sector and a large array of industries, and although diverse, the issues that organizations face all have a similar ring to it. Oracle’s Cloud Service push is still the number one driver of behaviour we see, whether it is during a negotiation of a sales contract or as part of an Audit Intervention engagement. We see this trend continuing if not accelerating during Oracle’s next financial year.

Because of this we anticipate that audit notifications will start to increase yet again as of June, to provide runway for Oracle to negotiate a transaction within their coming financial year. We always encourage being pro-active ensuring that your organisation is in control for such an eventuality, but if not, it is never too late to start.

Palisade will be at Booth # 19 on the 14th & 15th June at the New Zealand CIO Summit. Come and say hello, and bring your business card, to be in to win an Apple Watch and half a day of consulting services.