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ebook Facing Oracle

eBook: Facing Oracle – 5 Strategies for CIOs

Say “Oracle” and “budget” in the same sentence, and most CIOs start to sweat. While software plays a critical role in business operations, Oracle’s software and services are extremely expensive and are usually the number one or two item in IT’s budget. Many CIOs have no idea whether they’re in compliance with their Oracle contracts, and that’s a problem. This discusses tactics that can help you negotiate favorably, reduce risks, and contain costs with Oracle.

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5 steps whitepaper

5 Steps to Take Back Control of Your Oracle Relationship

According to a study from Campaign for Clear Licensing 92% of organizations feel that Oracle licensing is unclear. This is because Oracle does not require license keys to download software or provision new databases. Oracle will automatically install and charge customers for premium features by default. Palisade Compliance has partnered with CITO Research to create the following white paper that discusses strategies for reducing risks of noncompliance while maximizing the use of Oracle software to achieve business goals.

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Sign Oracle Contract

Oracle Pool of Funds Whitepaper

Are you considering a “pool of funds” contract with Oracle? Oracle is pushing these contracts hard. Our analysis shows these types of agreements are very high risk with medium reward. Oracle licensees should conduct an extensive review and analysis of these contracts before entering into them. This exclusive whitepaper for Palisade clients is designed to give our clients a summary of Oracle’s POF contracts, best practices on contract terms and conditions, cost guidance, and negotiation strategies.

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Oracle ULA Whitepaper

If your company runs on Oracle, then there is a good chance you either have a ULA contract or your Oracle sales rep has proposed a ULA for your company. A ULA contract is an ‘Unlimited License Agreement’ that basically gives you the right to use an unlimited number of licenses for a limited set of specific Oracle products over a limited time in a limited geography to perform limited tasks. Does this still sound “unlimited?” Download our free whitepaper to get the most out of an Oracle ULA, understand the contract terms, and learn what to do at the end of an ULA contract.

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An opening envelope revealing a formal invitation to an audit fr

Whitepaper – Part 1: What Causes an Oracle License Audit

As an enterprise software licensee, your company is at constant risk of an intrusive software audit by every one of your software publishers (Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, etc.) Some publishers build their models to ensure that whatever you do, however much you spend on software asset management, and regardless of how diligent you are, you WILL be found non-compliant when they audit. As a result, your company carries a substantial compliance risk that can translate into large unplanned IT expenditures very quickly.

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Whitepaper – Part 2: Oracle Compliance & Audit Intervention

Software audits are not random and instead they are triggered by business events and innocent or not-so-innocent behaviors. These events and behaviors move your company towards a much higher category of audit risk. Some of these events and behaviors are within your control while many are not. In this whitepaper, we will look at the high risk sections of the audit continuum and the behaviors that trigger audit risk.

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