Success Stories

  • A well-respected technology security firm was audited by Oracle and received a finding that they were out of compliance by several million dollars.  This firm engaged Palisade and we uncovered mistakes in Oracle’s audit report and proposed alternative licensing models that reduced the audit finding by over 90%.  Our client saved over $7 million across 3 years.
    Technology Security Firm
  • An international transportation company engaged us to document their deployment well in advance of ULA certification because they planned to change support vendors. We documented $10 million in under-deployment of ULA-licensed software, enabling substantial company expansion without any additional purchases. This company certified its ULA in a strong position, resulting in substantial discount offers in other areas.
    International Transport Company
  • We reviewed multiple ULAs and extensions across 15 client business units for a Fortune 100 telecommunications business, then proactively audited more than 6,000 cores of database and related options. This effective effort identified  more than $13 million in under-deployment and more than $450 million in potential noncompliance. As a result, this client completed remediation efforts to avoid more than $30 million in additional license and support fees, making a profound impact on its business planning going forward.
    Fortune 100 Telecommunications
  • A mid-sized high-tech manufacturer reached out to Oracle for help to reduce support costs – Oracle’s “advisory engagement” was actually an audit. Oracle’s audit accused the client of $7 million in non-compliance. After weeks of trying to work with Oracle, the client engaged Palisade to negotiate audit results. We challenged Oracle’s audit methods, gaining leverage for the client, and negotiated a deal resolving the claimed compliance issues and saving the client more than 90%.
    Mid-sized Hi-Tech Manufacturer
  • An Oracle partner was asked by a customer to help validate Oracle deployment in advance of a major new purchase. The partner recognized that their SAM service offering did not cover Oracle, and engaged Palisade as a sub-contractor. Palisade found $1.6M in potential non-compliance issues, remediation of which was possible at more than 90% savings when discounted with the new purchase.
    Palisade as Sub-contractor
  • The client was concerned that their upcoming move to an alternative support vendor could trigger Oracle audits, so they engaged Palisade for a proactive audit. We discovered $3M+ under-utilized software and enabled the client to avoid millions in planned new Oracle purchases. The Palisade entitlement review also found erroneous language in legacy agreements that substantially favors the client. The resulting strategy enables the client to reduce their Oracle spend by an additional 40% over the next 2 years.
    Fortune 1000 Consumer Products
  • A mid-sized manufacturing company was under an Oracle license audit.  Oracle's aim was to extract $2m in additional license fees.  Palisade worked with our client to not only document their compliance (thus zero fees to Oracle), but develop and execute an Oracle strategy to reduce going-forward costs by over $1 million.
    Mid-sized Manufacturing Company
  • We advised a telecommunications company in the midst of M&A activity.  Their goal was efficiency and cost reduction, while Oracle intended to maintain support revenue and extract additional license fees.  Palisade helped the client navigate Oracle’s contracting process and achieve the desired cost reductions.  Client savings are $5 million during the first three years post-event.
    Mergers & Acquisitions Support
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  • A Fortune 100 technology company engaged our services to support their decision making on certification versus renewal of an Oracle ULA valued over $25M. Palisade’s proactive count and negotiation support, along with our credibility at the client C-level, enabled them to hold a tough negotiating position in the face of high-level influencing by Oracle. The result was a 95% reduction in client spend and a long term engagement to advise on managing the client’s Oracle estate.
    Fortune 100 Technology
  • An employee for a small tech company called Oracle support for help with virtualization, resulting in an Oracle audit. Oracle invoiced the client for a $1.2 million non-compliance finding. The company tried, unsuccessfully, to work with Oracle and then engaged Palisade Compliance. We conducted an audit and created a plan to reduce the audit finding by 90% AND reduce long-term spending on Oracle by $1.5 million over five years, helping a small business achieve big savings.
    Tiny (2-server) Tech Client
  • A regional medical center struggled with a maze of legacy contracts through medical equipment resellers – a common problem for healthcare IT today. In a random audit, Oracle found more than $3 million in claimed non-compliance, which we helped the center resolve. We found errors in Oracle’s interpretation of the client’s contracts and advised the center through the negotiation process, which was ultimately resolved for more than 90% less than the original finding.
    Regional Medical Center