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If your company runs on Oracle, then there is a good chance you either have a ULA contract or your Oracle sales rep has proposed a ULA for your company. A ULA contract is an ‘Unlimited License Agreement’ that basically gives you the right to use an unlimited number of licenses for a limited set of specific Oracle products over a limited time in a limited geography to perform limited tasks. Does this still sound “unlimited?” After the term you are required to count the actual number of users. The sales pitch for a ULA can be quite convincing:

The reality of the Oracle ULA, however, is much more complicated than that. In actuality:

  • You will have to count licenses.
  • If you don’t deploy correctly, you could end up losing money.
  • You may have to buy more Oracle licenses soon after your ULA expires.
  • You will almost certainly receive extra scrutiny from Oracle’s auditors.

More importantly, you need to know what to do in the months leading up to a ULA contract expiration, also known as certification. Certification is the process which occurs at the end of an Oracle ULA where a C-level executive at your company tells Oracle how many units of software you are using. At that point, you convert from an ‘unlimited’ license to a set number of perpetual licenses and you pay the same support you were paying under the ULA.

Getting the most out of an Oracle ULA requires a complete end-to-end lifecycle management approach throughout the creation, management, and certification phases of a ULA. In this white paper, Palisade Compliance shares our accumulated years of experience from working on both sides of the ULA process, as well as lessons learned from helping clients resolve ULA issues valued at more than $650 million.

How About Oracle ULA Certification
Most Oracle ULAs require certification a short time after the end of the ULA which is another huge trap. If you wait until that short window to count, it simply cannot be done since an Oracle certification audit takes 2-4 months. If you try to do it too quickly, you will likely under-count and leave millions of dollars worth of licenses ‘on the table’ at certification.

What’s Inside our Oracle ULA Whitepaper:
We advise ULA customers who do not have aggressive day-to-day monitoring to start their certification process six months to one year before the end date of the ULA. “Unlimited’ does not mean ‘unlimited forever’ and at the end of the ULA, a customer has three realistic options. This whitepaper will include 4 key steps that you should follow in months leading up to a ULA certification including:

  • Counting licenses
  • Understanding your roadmap
  • Turnaround time for contracts
  • Controlling your contracting process

About Palisade Compliance:
Palisade Compliance is the leading independent provider of software audit, strategic advice and other services for Oracle software licensees. The founders and executive team have decades of Oracle experience, and provide clients with a unique ability to reduce their cost of Oracle, maintain ongoing compliance, and increase their negotiating leverage based on facts. In this white paper, we share some ‘facts of life’ we’ve learned along the way.

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