You Think You Have Time Because You Have a ULA?


What am I talking about, you are asking yourself…

Most probably the second biggest issue, in Australia and New Zealand, following closely behind the ambiguity of Virtualisation is Unlimited License Agreements and the value obtained or not from the contract.

Although the terminology for certifying your ULA back to Oracle’s standard metrics might seem straight forward, the majority of organisations leave verification of their usage too late.  This can expose your organisation and often than not, you spend time and money on extending the ULA.

At the time, it might seem to be the only option to avoid inaccurate certification numbers leading to instant non-compliance.

An organisation normally has one of the two certification terms in their contract that when put in simple language;

  1. Puts the responsibility on you to provide the program counts for certification or;
  2. Oracle Support and License Management Services (LMS), in effect audit your deployment and provide you with the programs count for certification.

Both of these options can hold exposure for an organisation;

  1. When you are responsible for providing your usage to Oracle, you need to make sure that you have correctly evaluated and counted your usage of the ULA programs.
  2. When Oracle does the counting you need to be able to verify that the measurement was done accurately.
  3. You can’t always certify all your license usage during the ULA period.

Although this seems to be a mammoth task it can be done if you start early or as has been suggested by experts before “Start from Day One”

Not only do you need to have the ability to count your usage of the programs, but you also need to understand your contractual terms that can affect your usage of the programs as well as the Oracle pricing and other policies that influence how you certify.

Hence my statement at the start, even when you think you have time, the resources, time and knowledge required to correctly assess whether you have obtained a good return on your investment (ROI) or whether the better option is to consider extending the existing ULA agreement or even whether you should totally re-negotiate a new ULA, all takes time…

So have you left enough of the ever elusive time to make the right decision?

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