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  • Tue

    IAITAM ACE Conference

    The M Resort - Henderson, NV

    We will be at booth #39 and Craig Guarente will be presenting at the ACE conference. Speaking details are below:

    Tuesday, May 3
    10:00 am - 11:00 am
    Molise 3

    Oracle’s Hidden Audit Strategy: Silent But Deadly

    Oracle customers are always at risk of audits. While official Oracle audits are easy to spot, most of Oracle’s audits are intentionally hidden. These hidden audits are buried in contracts, sales programs, support tickets, and other areas. Craig Guarente, Palisade Compliance’s CEO, will give a comprehensive overview of Oracle’s hidden audit strategy and explore six different types of audits and threats. Don’t get caught off guard by Oracle’s silent but deadly audits! Become your company’s superhero: attend this session and learn how to spot threats and take back control of your Oracle relationship.

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