Most Oracle customers have an incomplete or incorrect understanding of their contract terms.  Palisade saves clients money and reduces risk with an expert review and interpretation of client contracts.

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Oracle license compliance is not determined by automated solutions or simple counting alone.  Palisade analyzes the count with our unique experience, enabling our clients to determine compliance in their interests, not just Oracle’s.

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Navigating the Oracle bureaucracy is tough.  Palisade’s independence and experience accelerate Oracle negotiations by helping clients build and execute their Oracle strategy.

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Oracle audits to find additional revenue and create negotiating leverage.  Palisade balances the scales, with independent advice, analysis, and representation enabling our clients to take control of the process.

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Do you have an Oracle® Unlimited License Agreement? Learn how we can help.

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Company Story

craig“After working for Oracle for 16 years as Global Vice President in charge of contracts, business practices, and customer audits, I decided to go out on my own. When I founded Palisade, my initial plan was to help customers negotiate new license deals with Oracle. That plan quickly changed as client after client approached us with different issues. They all felt they had lost control of their Oracle relationship, were paying too much to Oracle, and were at risk of paying even more. They needed a true advocate who would protect them and help develop a long-term Oracle licensing and contracting strategy. Our business quickly evolved based on our clients’ needs. We developed a portfolio of services to help our clients through all aspects of Oracle contracting, licensing, optimization, planning, and compliance/audit. Our clients spend less on Oracle, achieve compliance, and most important, they have a clear strategy and control of their Oracle relationship.”

Craig Guarente, Founder and CEO

Success Stories

  • We advised a telecommunications company in the midst of M&A activity.  Their goal was efficiency and cost reduction, while Oracle intended to maintain support revenue and extract additional license fees.  Palisade helped the client navigate Oracle’s contracting process and achieve the desired cost reductions.  Client savings are $5 million during the first three years post-event.
    Mergers & Acquisitions Support
  • An international transportation company engaged us to document their deployment well in advance of ULA certification because they planned to change support vendors. We documented $10 million in under-deployment of ULA-licensed software, enabling substantial company expansion without any additional purchases. This company certified its ULA in a strong position, resulting in substantial discount offers in other areas.
    International Transport Company
  • A Fortune 100 technology company engaged our services to support their decision making on certification versus renewal of an Oracle ULA valued over $25M. Palisade’s proactive count and negotiation support, along with our credibility at the client C-level, enabled them to hold a tough negotiating position in the face of high-level influencing by Oracle. The result was a 95% reduction in client spend and a long term engagement to advise on managing the client’s Oracle estate.
    Fortune 100 Technology
  • We reviewed multiple ULAs and extensions across 15 client business units for a Fortune 100 telecommunications business, then proactively audited more than 6,000 cores of database and related options. This effective effort identified  more than $13 million in under-deployment and more than $450 million in potential noncompliance. As a result, this client completed remediation efforts to avoid more than $30 million in additional license and support fees, making a profound impact on its business planning going forward.
    Fortune 100 Telecommunications
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    You succeed by: Reducing the cost of supporting unnecessary software Mitigating millions in license and support fee risk Taking back control of your Oracle relationship Palisade delivers real results and savings. Contact us to get started!

We represent companies being audited by Oracle®.

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